Vape pens and CBD e-liquids

This is the new generation of Vape Pens and CBD e-liquids with specific cannabinoids and terpenes. Better than the CBD e-cigarette and sometimes called pod or vape pen, our CBD vape pens allow you to vape at any time. Its small size makes it easy to carry and slip into your pocket or bag.

Vape pens and Premium CBD e-liquids

CBD vape, CBD e-liquid, CBD e-cigarette, CBD refill

Best CBD vape pen in the world
Best Vape pens and CBD e-liquids

Voted best CBD Vape Pens in the world at the World CBD Awards 2022.

We are pleased to offer you the one that was elected at the CBD Awards 2022, best CBD vape pens in the world.

WAHOU effect guaranteed!!!

Indeed, our unique formulas with natural and refined tastes make you live a vape experience out of the ordinary.

Our specific terpenes are selected in the best laboratories in the world and infused in a full spectrum distillate containing 65% cannabinoids.

See Vape pens and CBD e-liquids

Best Vape pens CBD Paris

Vape pens CBD, CBD e-liquids, e-cigarettes and CBD refills

Vaping the best CBD in France

The vape pen CBD Third Eye allows you to vapot the best CBD in France. It consists of a rechargeable battery in USB and a cartridge of distillate (sometimes confused with the e-liquid which is of lesser quality), which is screwed on the battery.

Each cartridge contains a full spectrum distillate containing 65% cannabinoids. Unlike e-liquid cartridges, our cartridges do not contain PG, VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) or MCT, and thus contain no cutting agents.

E-liquid powerful and 100% pure

This powerful and extremely concentrated distillate e-liquid has a texture similar to honey, which the battery comes to heat gently, vaporizes to extract its components.

The Vape Pen CBD or Pod CBD is ideal for beginners or people wishing to stop smoking or reduce their consumption of cigarettes. Light and compact, the Vape Pen is an economical and practical alternative to the electronic cigarette which is often more cumbersome and expensive.


Battery for Vape pen CBD + 1 Cartridge

Irresistible taste.
At an irresistible price.

60,00€ 49,00€

Promo Vape Pen CBD and cartridge

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The benefits of Vape pens CBD Third eye

Third eye CBD vape pens have many benefits:

  • Instant effects: after only one or a few puffs the effects are felt. This mode of consumption by vapotage allows to absorb the components of the distillate directly in the blood by the lungs and to feel the effects immediately.
  • Clean and clear taste: all the organoleptic qualities and terpenes of the plant are highlighted, for an optimal taste experience.
  • Healthier: unlike the combustion that takes place when smoking, vaping is clean and free of toxins.
  • More effective: no loss of benefits.
  • Discretion: the vape pen does not give off any unpleasant smoke, and the vapor remains light and does not stick.
  • Practical: the vape pen, because of its small size, can be carried easily in a pocket or bag.

Discover all the benefits of Vape pen CBD in this article.

Unlike heavy and bulky cbd e-cigarettes, our Vape Pen is practical, compact and discreet. Indeed, it is the perfect travel companion because it can easily fit in your pocket!

Finally, there is another advantage and not the least. The vape pen CBD is suitable for people wishing to quit smoking or reduce their consumption of cigarettes, as well as people wishing to consume CBD conveniently at any time of day.

Our commitments for the quality of our Vape pens CBD

The best quality vape pens CBD, without any compromise

Third Eye Cannabinoids production process

Strict specifications on the ethics & purity of all our full spectrum CBD products.

Innovation and Vision

Our love and respect for this plant is the reason for our constant innovation to bring you unique products in the CBD and cannabinoid market.

No Additive

We distill our CBD oils using a simple, preservative-free process that preserves the natural purity of our plants.

High Quality Ingredients

Looking to buy premium CBD in France? We work with passionate growers to bring you the richest and most desirable varieties of hemp.

Local Production

Our CBD comes from all-natural, European-grown hemp sativa plants that are rich in nutrients and freshness.

Fast and discreet CBD delivery

We guarantee the best deadlines and the best providers to deliver your CBD products quickly and discreetly. Moreover, the fast delivery of your CBD products in Paris, is done in the day!

They love our CBD products...

Cartridge Vape Pen CBD Soothing

It helps me a lot against stress

I started taking CBD to reduce my stress and it has worked wonders. The taste is fruity and the vapor is very smooth. I keep it with me all day. As a natural alternative, this is one of the best aids I've found. Thank you so much 😉

Martin - Versailles (78)

CBD Vape Soothing

Vape Pen CBD Tahoe OG cartridge

The best CBD vape on the market?

As a regular CBD user, Third eye has become one of my favorite cbd stores. The quality of their products is vastly superior, there's no denying that, and the effects are long lasting.

Charlotte - Bordeaux

Vape CBD Tahoe OG

Vape Pen Active CBD Focus

Nothing beats quality

Many CBD stores skimp on quality by adding products that artificially increase CBD levels, but not Third eye. From the moment I placed my first order, I knew I had found a great CBD store. It's been my favorite brand for a while now!

Antoine Morel - Paris

Vape CBD Focus/Actif

Promo Vape Pen CBD and cartridge

Super quality and powerful effects

This vape pen is undoubtedly the best e-cigarette cbd that I have tested in my life. It is really surprising, the feeling is canon, the fruity taste really top, powerful effects immediate. And in addition the delivery super fast!

Philippe P. - Lyon

Pack Vape pen CBD

Why buy the Vape pens CBD Third eye?

Buying cheap CBD vape pens is simple, buying Premium CBD in France, high quality, is another story! And that's why we created Third eye. Indeed, on this eshop CBD you will find only exceptional products, without any compromise on quality.

Here are the benefits and virtues of CBD Cannabidiol and why consuming CBD can help you.

Relaxation CDB


CBD is a natural remedy for everyday stress and anxiety by acting on the hormones related to happiness

CDB for fatigue


The virtues of CBD are multiple and allow to improve homeostasis, making it an ally of choice to guarantee the balance of our body

CDB appeasement


CBD is an excellent addition to the treatment of people with chronic problems

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