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Nos vape pens CBD, également connus sous le nom de pod ou de vapo stylo, offrent une solution pratique pour vapoter à tout moment. Grâce à son format compact, il est facile à transporter et à glisser dans une poche ou un sac.

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The Vape Pen CBD, what is it?

The vape pen CBD Third Eye is composed of a battery (rechargeable USB) and a cartridge of distillate (sometimes confused with the e-liquid which is of lower quality), which is screwed on the battery.

Each cartridge contains a full spectrum distillate containing 65% cannabinoids. Unlike e-liquid cartridges, our cartridges do not contain PG, VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) or MCT, and thus contain no cutting agents.

This highly concentrated distillate with a honey-like texture, which the battery gently heats, is vaporized to extract its components.

The Vape Pen CBD or Pod CBD is ideal for beginners or people wishing to stop smoking or reduce their consumption of cigarettes. Light and compact, the Vape Pen is an economical and practical alternative to the electronic cigarette which is often more cumbersome and expensive.

What are the benefits of the CBD Vape pen?

Advantages of CBD vapes & third eye refills

Consuming CBD and cannabinoids with a vape pen offers many benefits:

  • Instant effects: after only one or a few puffs the effects are felt. This mode of consumption by vapotage allows to absorb the components of the distillate directly in the blood by the lungs and to feel the effects immediately.
  • Clean and clear taste: all the organoleptic qualities and terpenes of the plant are highlighted, for an optimal taste experience.
  • Healthier: unlike the combustion that takes place when smoking, vaping is clean and free of toxins.
  • More effective: no loss of benefits.
  • Discretion: the vape pen does not give off any unpleasant smoke, and the vapor remains light and does not stick.
  • Practical: the vape pen, because of its small size, can be carried easily in a pocket or bag.

Discover all the benefits of Vape pen CBD

What is the difference with the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette?

Unlike e-cigarettes with larger sizes that weigh their weight, our Vape Pen is practical, compact and discreet. Our Vape Pen is indeed the perfect travel companion because it can easily fit in your pocket or in any handbag or backpack.

The vape pen CBD is suitable for people wishing to stop smoking or reduce their consumption of cigarettes, as well as people wishing to consume CBD conveniently at any time of day.

How can our Vape pens CBD & refills help you?

Our CBD vape pens & refills contain the cannabidiol molecule, which has properties :

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Antioxidants,
  • Anxiolytics,
  • Analgesics,
  • Antispasmodics,
  • Etc...

Our range of vape pens can help you to relieve some pain or soothe you in a moment of stress. Of course, we do not recommend vaping CBD for medicinal purposes and only your doctor will be able to advise you in this matter.

Why use our Vape Pens CBD & refills?

First, it is ideal for people who want to quit smoking or reduce their tobacco or cannabis consumption. And, it's also the perfect accessory for beginners who want to try CBD.

Secondly, vape is also great for relaxing and quickly reducing physical pain and tension.

Finally, the vape pen is an ideal companion to consume CBD at any time of day, and feel the effects right away.

How to use our CBD Vapo pen?

To consume CBD using vape pen, you must insert a CBD refill e-liquid cartridge into the vape battery.

The use of the Vape Pen is simple:

  • Screw the distillate cartridge onto the battery.
  • Turn on/off the battery: 5 clicks.
  • Power setting: 3 clicks. (Green: light and optimal taste - Blue: medium and strong taste - Red: strong and intense taste)
  • When the outside temperature is cold, preheat the cartridge by clicking twice, and wait 15 seconds.
  • Pull lightly while pressing the button for 2 to 5 sec.
    We recommend using green or blue to get the best flavor.
  • The battery flashes when it is discharged, recharge with the USB cable.

When the battery of your Vape Pen is empty, recharge it with the USB charger cable included.

Why should I buy Third Eye CBD Vape Pens & refills?

Our specific terpenes are selected in the best laboratories in the world, and are infused in a full spectrum distillate containing 65% cannabinoids.

Beyond the tastes and flavors that the terpenes bring, they are above all selected for their specific effects and act in synergy with the active principles already present in the distillate.

Our all-ceramic cartridges have passed California's heavy metal test to produce the finest vapor and purest taste. For unique formulas with a natural and refined taste, and a vape experience out of the ordinary.

Want to know everything about Vape pen CBD and its benefits? Read our article on the subject here.

Our tips for using your vape pen

The vape pen remains a fragile object, to use and store with care. Avoid keeping it upside down, we advise you to keep the original silicone tip.

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