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The exceptional Purple Punch CBD flower, which helps you relax

The inescapable Purple Punch CBD is a superb variety of CBD flower with rich and complex tastes, greedy flavours and sweet aromas. Hybrid variety of CBD, it comes from a mix between the sativa and the Indica. The Purple flower has a very beautiful terpene profile and guarantees a beautiful sensation of relaxation and serenity.

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The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD and its virtues drives us in the quest for perfection

CBD quality controlled

Laboratory tested

Compliance with the highest standards for a superior quality product

CBD Premium

High-end CBD

The highest level of CBD, without any additives, powerful and long lasting effects

CBD Full Spectrum 100% pure

CBD full spectrum 100% pure

No unnecessary additives that artificially increase CBD levels to reduce costs

Purple Punch CBD flower

Cannabis Flower Purple Punch CBD - Premium Quality - Limited Edition

Discover the benefits of CBD: An anti-stress remedy, this flower reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Superb variety of flower, the Purple Punch CBD has a rich and complex taste with greedy flavours and sweet aromas. This flower of CBD seduces by its unique fruity and delicious perfume, an explosion of flavours!

Sublime big compact heads with a rich and complete genetic profile.

Beautiful sensation of relaxation and serenity, particularly pleasant to consume.

How to grow Purple Punch CBD

The Purple Punch is an indoor CBD flower, which means that it is grown indoors, in growing rooms. This mode of indoor culture makes it possible to develop all the flavours and the content of cannabidiol of the flower CBD, and, to control many factors, in particular: the duration of exposure to the light, the humidity, the insects...

This is also what allows us to obtain the best quality CBD flower on the market.

CBD content of Purple Punch?

In accordance with nature, for flowers that have a THC level lower than 0.2%, the level of CBD natural flowers can not exceed about 8%.

We attach great importance to selecting CBD flowers on which NO product has been added (isolate, or terpene spray) - a technique that allows to artificially increase the CBD level to levels often found in the trade.

Indeed, a rate of 20% of CBD does not exist in nature on varieties of plants which have less than 0.2% of THC.

Thus the rate of CBD of our flowers varies from 6% to 8% and remain the most natural possible.

Purple punch cbd culture

Why buy your CBD flowers at Third eye?

Our top priority is to bring you the purest CBD flower available. That's why we don't hide anything.

With our CBD flowers, you will quickly get real results of relief, relaxation and serenity, and of course, a CBD quality and experience without equal.

Premium CBD Flower Third eye

  • N100% natural flowers
  • NIndoor cultivation: optimal cultivation conditions for a premium quality.
  • NLimited selection of top quality: clean appearance and rich flavors
  • NUnique preservation bags on the market: maintains a perfect humidity level and enhances aromas and flavors.

Classic CBD flower

  • MIsolate spray on flowers to increase CBD levels. Terpene spray to alter the taste.
  • MLow flavor selection
  • MWide selection of medium quality flowers or flowers purchased for their low cost
  • MClassic bag: the flowers dry quickly.
Purple punch CBD infusion
purple punch cbd bag

How to consume the Purple Punch CBD flower?

Third eye offers several consumption methods for our CBD Purple Punch flowers:


  • In vaporization: at more than 170 degrees. Ideal solution to benefit more quickly from the effects of your flowers and to preserve the totality of the aromas.
  • In infusion: prepare hot water, like a traditional herbal tea and add the CBD flowers. Let infuse 10 minutes in water. Ideal with a fatty substance like milk, cream, butter or even vegetable oil.
  • In the kitchen: to integrate into your best CBD recipes !

The Third Eye Advantage: the most efficient way to store CBD in the industry

Choosing Third Eye for your CBD flowers is your guarantee of getting the best quality in the CBD industry. We use Terpi technology for the packaging and best possible preservation of our CBD flowers.

Therefore, each bag must be opened with a pair of scissors, so as not to affect its integrity and optimize the conservation of your flowers.

All our flowers are preserved in unique sachets, equipped with arevolutionary Terpi technology, designed according to the physiological properties of the plant, making itthe most efficient packaging in the industry.

Our pouches combine active moisture control and antimicrobial properties to maintain low oxygen levels and create the perfect climate for flower preservation andterpene sublimation like never before.

Are our CBD flowers legal?

All our flowers have a THC content of less than 0.2% in accordance with European laws, and are all laboratory tested to ensure compliance.

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  1. ma préféré chez vous

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  2. C’est clairement une des meilleures fleurs que j’ai jamais trouvées, et je suis un consommateur régulier. La qualité est remarquable.

    (0) (0)
  3. pour une fleurs de cbd legal, je suis impréssioné

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  4. My favorite CBD flower of the selection, super good in fruity taste really top, powerful effects, it is a candy, the heads are very beautiful and the delivery super fast!

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  5. A little nugget! I had a friend test it and he confirmed: the product is top! So he also ordered from his side 😉 As for me, I think I'll order from you again.

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  6. Super good in taste, fruity really top powerful effects it is a candy and the heads are very beautiful

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