Best CBD vape pen in the world
Best CBD vape pen in the world

Vape CBD Battery Pack + Refill Cartridge

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With our CBD vape battery pack, discover a unique vaping experience

This CBD vape battery pack has been designed to provide the purest taste and an unparalleled vaping experience.

Rechargeable vape battery + CBD cartridge of your choice
USB charger included

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The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD and its virtues drives us in the quest for perfection

CBD quality controlled

Laboratory tested

Compliance with the highest standards for a superior quality product

CBD Premium

High-end CBD

The highest level of CBD, without any additives, powerful and long lasting effects

CBD Full Spectrum

CBD full spectrum 100% pure

No unnecessary additives that artificially increase CBD levels to reduce costs

Vape CBD Third eye

Best CBD Vape Battery Pack in the world

A new and magical vaping experience. The best Vape CBD and its high-end ceramic cartridge designed to offer the purest taste. And all the power of the benefits of CBD, without any compromise on quality.

The best Vape CBD battery pack

High end vape battery and e-liquid refill cartridge

High end vape battery and e-liquid refill cartridge

That's right! The Third eye vape pen was voted best CBD vape pen in the world at the CBD Awards 2022 !

This compact and discreet CBD vape battery pack is the perfect travel companion that can easily fit in your pocket or any purse or backpack.

How can our CBD battery pack help you?

The Vapo pen, Vape Pen or CBD Pod is ideal for people wishing to start in CBD, for CBD lovers or for people wishing tostop smoking or reduce their cigarette consumption.

Light and compact, the Vape Pen is an economical and practical alternative to the electronic cigarette which is often more cumbersome and expensive.

Promo Pack Vape CBD and e-liquid

Additives in our CBD battery pack?
Isolate powder?
And what else!

Our top priority is to bring you the purest CBD vape available. That's why we don't hide anything.

With our CBD vapes, you will quickly get real results of relief, well-being and serenity, and of course, a CBD quality and experience without equal.

CBD vape and e-liquid

Vape CBD Premium Third eye

  • NFull spectrum distillate: surrounding effect and better efficiency
  • NSpecific terpenes directly derived from the plant, for more natural and refined tastes
  • NRespect for naturally occurring terpene ratios for an authentic taste experience
  • NPremium ceramic cartridge that produces the purest taste and an unparalleled smoking experience
  • NDesigned with awareness and passion, without compromising on quality
  • NNo VG no PG (aucun exhausteur de saveur)
Cheap Classic CBD Vape

Classic CBD vape

  • MAddition of isolate powder to reduce costs, despite quality
  • MNo terpenes, or botanical terpenes derived from fruits
  • MToo many terpenes: the addition of too many terpenes of poor quality alters the taste, moving away from the natural flavors of the plant
  • MMetal cartridge, bad for health, heats up more and alters the taste
  • MDesigned with maximum cost reduction, which affects quality
  • MAjout de VG / PG : exhausteur de saveur qui favorise le hit (sensation ressentie dans la gorge lorsque vous vapotez)

Advantages of the Vape CBD Third Eye Battery Pack.

Best refillable CBD Puff at the top of the range

We offer this premium CBD Vape Battery Pack that allows you to discover a whole new revolutionary vaping experience, at a discounted price.

Simple, practical and fast, the vape CBD Third Eye is a new way to consume your CBD to enjoy all the benefits of cannabidiol.

Powerful e-liquid refills with many virtues

Depending on the type of CBD cartridge you use, the Vape pen Third Eye allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD, including:


  • Improve sleep,
  • Reduce stress,
  • To provide pain relief effects,
  • Improve concentration,
  • Relax,
  • Etc...
Refills e-liquid cbd Vape

Further information

How to use the Third Eye CBD Vape Battery Pack?
  • Turn on in 5 clicks
  • Power adjustment in 3 clicks
    • Green : Light and optimal taste
    • Blue: Medium and strong taste
    • Red : Strong and intense taste
  • Pull lightly while pressing the button for 2 to 5 seconds.

We recommend using it on green to get the best flavors.

Technical data
  • Battery 510, Capacity: 380mah Voltage
  • Adjustable, 2.7V - 3.1V - 3.6V
  • LED light indication button
  • Preheating time 15s
  • USB Charger
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 88.7mm (L) * 11.2 mm (D)
Choice of Vape colors
  • Black
  • Silver plated metal
CBD cartridge options

Customer reviews

14 reviews for Pack Batterie Vape CBD + Cartouche de recharge

  1. Mehdi (confirmed customer) - –

    C’est une expérience validée. A la première bouffée j’ai compris que les saveurs étaient bien respectées.
    Une première commande qui va forcément mener à de nouvelles, à la recherche d’une alternative au cbd mais sans tabac, car consommateur pdt près de 15 ans de cannabis. J’ai expérimenté la vape de fleurs, de moonroock, de hash aux cbd et franchement 90% des produits vendus en France ne sont pas conforme au principe même du chanvre. Cad un produit simple et respectueux pr tous, sans ajout, sans mix. La plante se suffisant à elle même! Du coup, bravo à l’équipe pr avoir su développer un tel produit. J’imagine que l’on touche ici à un avenir proche d’une consommation saine de cette plante avec tout le respect qu’on lui doit et ainsi en utiliser son plein potentiel. Juste un grand BRAVO

    Image #1 à partir de Mehdi
  2. Anonymous (confirmed customer) - –


  3. Yohan A. (confirmed customer) - –

    Un goût top, rien a redire si ce n’est le prix. Il faudrait pouvoir acheter des recharges de distillat sans cartouche céramique afin d’avoir un coût concurrentiel.

  4. Nicolas D. (confirmed customer) - –

  5. Yann L. (confirmed customer) - –

  6. Anonymous (confirmed customer) - –

  7. Nicolas L. (confirmed customer) - –

    There is a very fast relaxation effect, but for the pain in my case it is very light.

  8. Thomas G. (confirmed customer) - –

  9. Charles - –

    Best vape I've tasted I bought several brands the taste of this one is really exceptional I recommend to all cannabis lovers you will not be disappointed. The battery is great because you can adjust the power and therefore draw stronger than other batteries and it charges from below so you can vape while it is charging.

  10. Morgane - –

    I bought this vape out of curiosity, not being a smoker at first but new to CBD. The taste is really not bad and I feel the effects well. I would buy it again!

  11. Nicolas - –

    Excellent, fragrant and discreet. I'm thinking of trying the tahoe soon as well, which I heard good things about from a friend who also orders from you.

  12. Vincent - –

    Impressive, I admit that I had never felt so good with a vape or an electronic cigarette before, both for its taste and for its immediate effects. The Tahoe is great!

  13. Marc B. - –

    Very good taste fruity sweet effects on the pain are very fast after a few puffs it relieves me great product for pain

  14. Arthur - –

    Great taste and very good relaxing effects, I always have it with me

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