Meilleur Vape pen CBD du monde
Meilleur Vape pen CBD du monde

CBD cartridge for Vape Pen - Tahoe OG

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The ultimate cannabis taste experience

CBD cartridge for vape pen Tahoe OG, with the phenomenal flavor of cannabis OG. This unique formula knows how to delight the biggest amateurs of the plant. 65% of cannabinoids including 50% of CBD.

ATTENTION : cartouche à utiliser avec une batterie Vape Pen – vendue séparément.

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The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD

The passion of CBD and its virtues drives us in the quest for perfection

CBD quality controlled

Laboratory tested

Compliance with the highest standards for a superior quality product

CBD Premium

High-end CBD

The highest level of CBD, without any additives, powerful and long lasting effects

CBD Full Spectrum 100% pure

CBD full spectrum 100% pure

No unnecessary additives that artificially increase CBD levels to reduce costs

Promo Vape Pen CBD and cartridge

Taste the authentic Tahoe OG vape pen experience

The Tahoe OG vape pen and itsunique and revolutionary Third Eye formula, offers a new vape experience, by its taste and its effects.

For this vape formula we use unique terpenes, giving you a product that stays true to the original plant, as nature intended. This enhances the aroma, taste and effectiveness of our extracts, giving the true experience of authentic heirloom strains.

Tahoe OG is a relaxing indica strain with a phenomenal and classic OG cannabis flavor, the most notable of which are pine, gas and earth, with hints of lemon and lime. Ideal to relax throughout the day.

This all-ceramic cartridge has passed the CA heavy metal test allowing for a beautiful vapor without any burnt taste. Its revolutionary ceramic heating elements produce the purest taste, giving you the best vaping experience and the best CBD effects.

Des additifs ? De la poudre d’isolat ?
Et puis quoi encore !

Notre priorité absolue, c’est de vous apporter le Vape CBD le plus pur qui soit. C’est pourquoi on ne cache rien.

Avec nos vapes CBD, vous obtiendrez rapidement de vrais résultats de soulagement, de bien-être et de sérénité, et bien-sûr, une qualité CBD et une expérience sans égal.

CBD vape and e-liquid

Vape CBD Premium Third eye

  • NFull spectrum distillate: surrounding effect and better efficiency
  • NSpecific terpenes directly derived from the plant, for more natural and refined tastes
  • NRespect for naturally occurring terpene ratios for an authentic taste experience
  • NPremium ceramic cartridge that produces the purest taste and an unparalleled smoking experience
  • NDesigned with awareness and passion, without compromising on quality
Cheap CBD vape

Vape CBD classique

  • MAddition of isolate powder to reduce costs, despite quality
  • MNo terpenes, or botanical terpenes derived from fruits
  • MToo many terpenes: the addition of too many terpenes of poor quality alters the taste, moving away from the natural flavors of the plant
  • MMetal cartridge, bad for health, heats up more and alters the taste
  • MDesigned with maximum cost reduction, which affects quality

Vape pen Tahoe OG: a new CBD formula, the signature Third eye

Unlike botanical terpenes, we use terpenes derived directly from the Tahoe OG plant in this formula. We respect the ratios already present in nature.

You will love our Pen Tahoe OG Vape:

  • Relaxing
  • True full spectrum
  • True Terpenes

The cartridge contains 50% CBD, 7.2% CBC, 4.4% CBN, 1.9% CBG, or 65% total cannabinoids.

Cartridge Vape Pen CBD relaxing Tahoe OG
Vape Refill CBD Tahoe OG
Vape Refills

Why are Third Eye vape cartridges unique on the market?

Our unique formulas with their natural and refined flavors provide an extraordinary vaping experience, here's why:

The distillate is full spectrum:

C’est-à-dire qu’il contient tous les cannabinoïdes y compris du THC < 0,2%. Celà permet d’avoir un effet d’entourage, ainsi, les différents cannabinoïdes travaillent en synergie les uns avec les autres pour alimenter votre corps, comme la nature l’a prévu.

Specific terpenes :

Our distillates are infused with specific terpenes from the best laboratories in the world. Beyond the tastes and flavors that terpenes can bring, they are selected for their specific effects, and act in synergy with the active principles already present in the distillate. We respect the ratios present in nature, which makes the taste experience unique.

Ceramic cartridge:

This all-ceramic cartridge has passed the CA test for heavy metals allowing for a beautiful vapor without any burnt taste. Its revolutionary heating elements produce the purest taste, bringing you the best vaping experience and the best effects of CBD.

Our first intention is to offer the most effective products possible, in order to support those in need, which is why we do notcompromise on the quality of our products .

How to use the Vape Pen CBD Tahoe OG?

  1. Screw the distillate cartridge onto the battery.
  2. Turn on/off the battery: 5 clicks.
  3. Power setting: 3 clicks. (Green: light and optimal taste - Blue: medium and strong taste - Red: strong and intense taste)
  4. When the outside temperature is cold, preheat the cartridge by clicking twice, and wait 15 seconds.
  5. Pull lightly while pressing the button for 2 to 4 sec.
    We recommend using green or blue to get the best flavor.
  6. The battery flashes when it is discharged, recharge with the USB cable.

Depending on the use and the power of vaporization, a cartridge containing 1000 mg can vary from 300 to 500 puffs.

How to use vape cbd

Further information

Our tips for using your vape pen

The vape pen remains a fragile object, to use and store with care. Avoid keeping it upside down, we advise you to keep the original silicone mouthpiece, and never blow into it. If you accidentally leave it upside down for too long, it gets blocked or distillate comes out of the mouthpiece, gently clean the inside of the mouthpiece with a tissue.

Ingredients of the Tahoe OG vape pen

Full spectrum hemp extract containing 65% cannabinoids:

  • 50% CBD
  • 7.2% CBC
  • 4.4% CBN
  • 1.9% CBG
  • 1.4% CBDV

Specific terpenes taste watermelon guava.

  • 1G (1000mg)
  • 0.5G (500 mg)
Legal information

This product is not a medicine, not suitable for pregnant women and people under medical treatment.

  • Produit légal THC <0,2%
  • Laboratory tested - See results
  • The sale of CBD products is prohibited to minors under 18 years.

The CBD refill cartridges are to be used with a Vape Pen battery - battery sold separately.

Customer reviews

8 reviews for Cartouche CBD pour Vape Pen - Tahoe OG

  1. Musaed (confirmed customer) - –

  2. Alexis (confirmed customer) - –

  3. Nathan M. - –

    Great product! The taste is much better than the products previously tested, the effect is felt, very pleasant soothing. Fast delivery (2 days) and very well packaged product. I highly recommend it!

  4. Solal - –

    Great one. These terpens are amazing

  5. Solal - –

    Great one. These terpens are amazing

  6. Nathan M. - –

    Great product! The taste is much better than the products previously tested, the effect is felt, very pleasant soothing. Fast delivery (2 days) and very well packaged product. I highly recommend it!

  7. Hugo Ballanger - –

    Great taste!

  8. Hugo Ballanger - –

    Great taste!

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