CBD Third eye user guide and FAQ

In this CBD Third eye user guide, we answer all your questions. And, we guide you in your use of the best CBD products in France.

What is CBD? What are its effects and virtues? What is the difference between CBD and THC? Is CBD dangerous? Can we become addicted to CBD?

CBD has become very popular in large part for its miraculous effects against stress and anxiety. Indeed, there is a lot of talk about this cannabinoid and we hear everything and its opposite.

Our CBD experts advise you and answer all your questions. Here is the CBD Third eye user guide.

FAQ and user guide CBD Third eye

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of more than 80 naturally occurring phyto cannabinoids (natural compounds) found in and extracted from hemp, a plant belonging to the species Cannabis sativa.

What is a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids promote balance and overall well-being by moderating communication between the cells in your body. There are two types of cannabinoids: endocannabinoids, which your body creates naturally, and phytocannabinoids, which are derived from cannabis and hemp.

What are the effects of CBD?

CBD is known to promote balance and overall well-being by helping to regulate communication between the cells in your body. It is known to do this by complementing and naturally binding with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Endocannabinoid - what?

The endocannabinoid system is your built-in regulatory system that helps keep your mind and body in balance, even when external factors and certain lifestyle choices try to throw it off balance. You will find endocannabinoids everywhere, in the immune system, brain, central nervous system, major organs, connective tissues and glands.

Incredibly, this system was only discovered in the 1990s and is considered essential to your body's ability to cultivate good health. Affecting processes such as sleep, appetite, digestion, metabolism, mood, memory, hormones and aging, the main function of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis or your internal stability, despite the unexpected challenges of daily life.

What is MCT oil?

Our distillate is infused with MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) oil. The particularity of MCT oil is that it is very easy to digest compared to other fats.

MCT oil also has many benefits: it is a source of energy, reduces fat, improves endurance, improves concentration, reduces the feeling of hunger, helps to balance blood sugar levels, and maintains a healthy immune system.

Most importantly, it allows for a better assimilation of CBD and promotes the surrounding effect of full spectrum oils.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Although hemp and marijuana are technically the same species, they are legally defined by the types of cannabinoids they produce. Most importantly, hemp contains no more than 0.2% THC, the psychoactive compound found in higher concentrations in marijuana. In other words, hemp doesn't get you high.

Hemp naturally contains higher levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound known to help the human body restore balance and promote overall well-being.

What type of hemp extract is used in Third Eye products?

In all Third Eye products we have chosen to use the highest quality full spectrum organic hemp extract. As the name suggests, full spectrum hemp extract not only contains high levels of CBD, but also other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and therapeutic compounds such as terpenes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically with each other to fuel your body, as nature intended. This is called the entourage effect.

Will products containing CBD be detected in a drug test?

CBD does not show up in a drug test. However, many CBD products do contain traces of THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. If there is a sufficient amount of THC, it will be detected in a drug test.
The amount of THC in our products is low and undetectable in such a test.

That's why it's essential to know the quality and composition of any CBD product you buy.

At Third Eye, we only use full-spectrum CBD, which contains less than 0.2% THC, and we publish lab tests for every product we make so you can be sure you know exactly what's in it.

Can I take CBD with other medications?

When it comes to taking CBD with other medications, we advise only one thing: if you are unsure, consult a health care professional before using it as it can, on occasion, interact with other medications. Always follow the recommended dose and if you are taking other medications, always allow two hours between taking CBD and any other medications you are taking.

Can CBD be used by children?

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile'; however, please note:

It is recommended that CBD not be given to children.

Is CBD safe for pets?


CBD is perfectly safe for pets and we have many customers who buy specifically for their pets. We simply recommend that you try our Third eye pet oil product which has been specifically designed for pets.

Simply add a few drops to their meals once or twice a day and watch how your pet reacts. Watch as he finds a new life and plays as if he were a puppy or kitten!

How do I know how much CBD is in the product I buy?

This can be tricky, as many brands make misleading claims and the category is not yet strictly regulated.

Our advice on what to look out for:

1/ Make sure the product you buy contains cannabic hemp extract, not hemp seed oil. As mentioned above, hemp seed oil may be great for your skin, but it does not contain CBD.

2/ Look for the mg of CBD in the product, not just the mg of hemp extract. Hemp extract can have different concentrations of CBD ranging from as high as 90%. A product claiming 1000 mg of hemp extract can actually contain anywhere from 20 mg to 900 mg of CBD. This is one of the common ways that many brands mislead consumers about the perceived amount of CBD in products. That's why Third Eye products explicitly state the mg of CBD per serving as well as the % concentration on the front of each of our packages.

3/ Check the certificate of analysis to make sure that what the product claims is actually present in the product! A blind sample showed that 70% of CBD companies do not match what they claim on the label. We have made a pact to be completely transparent about our products and publish lab reports for every batch Third Eye makes.

Which format is right for me?

Our Cannabinoid product range is available in a variety of formats to suit different usage and lifestyle needs, from oils to vape,

For more information on oil selection and dosage, please refer to the **User Guide** below.

Are there any side effects?

CBD is generally well tolerated and has been shown to have few side effects. In every Third Eye formula, we take great care to not only ensure the purity of our CBD, but also to specially select our natural active ingredients for their effectiveness and safety.

As with any supplement, there is always the possibility that it may cause adverse reactions in some people or interact with certain medications, so please consult your physician before using it.

Are Third Eye products safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we advise you to seek the advice of a qualified health professional before using them.

CBD Third eye user guide

How to use CBD oil under your tongue?

Also called sublingual, this method is better than simple swallowing. This is because CBD enters the bloodstream more quickly through the capillaries under the tongue.

Follow these simple steps to maximize your CBD experience:


Take CBD on an empty stomach.


Let the drops sit for about a minute, then swallow the remains.

What is the best dosage of CBD?

When it comes to CBD oil dosing, keep in mind that every person is different. This is because each person has a different endocannabinoid system, tolerance levels and health conditions. Therefore, the standard dosage can affect two people completely differently. In fact, there is no "one size fits all" dosage.

However, we have put together some recommendations for universal CBD dosing:

If you are new to CBD, start with a low dose at first. Then, observe your body's reactions. It is important to know that there is no universal dosage. Indeed, everyone is different and each person has a different tolerance level.

However, it's easy to find out, and here's how:

Start with small doses of CBD and watch your body's reaction. Increase the dose a little each time until you discover what works best for you.

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What happens if you use too much CBD?

Are there any risks of overdosing on CBD?

Although there is no risk of overdosing, it is totally unnecessary to start with the strongest version if you have never consumed CBD.

Plus, you won't get the true potential of CBD.

On the other hand, if you are in intense pain or often stressed, you can definitely turn to a more potent CBD oil that will soothe you.

Unlike THC, CBD is not considered a drug. This substance does not present any risk for health even if there is an overdose of CBD. For all that, it is not necessary to neglect the dosages.

What are the effects of CBD?

The most explicit effect of CBD is an increase in anandamide levels. In fact, anandamide is one of the main molecules of the post-sport feeling of well-being. By the way, chocolate works in much the same way.

In other words, it's close to the feeling you get after running - without the fatigue.

Can CBD be dangerous?

Obviously not, CBD is absolutely not harmful to your health. According to a preliminary WHO report published last month(PDF), naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans (and animals) and is not associated with any negative public health effects

What about the dosage of CBD? What should I do?

user guide CBD Third eye

Read the labels on CBD products

As it stands, CBD products do not have a universal measurement system. So while one product may contain 20 milligrams per half drop of CBD, another seemingly identical product may actually contain 35. With this in mind, it is always best to study your product labels carefully and measure the amount of mg (milligrams) of CBD you are actually getting.

Attending physician cbd

Consult your doctor

It is always best before introducing CBD into your system. Discuss it with a health care professional before trying it. Especially if you are taking other forms of medication.

By the way, if you don't understand some of the terms, check out our CBD Third eye user guide above.

Things to remember when deciding on your CBD dosage:


Start with a low dose and gradually increase the dose


Use CBD oil drops as it is easier to measure the dosage


Keep an eye out for possible side effects

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