CBD flowers

The best CBD flowers : hemp and legal cannabis in France

We are constantly looking for the best flowers throughout Europe, which allows us to offer you a limited selection of exceptional flowers that evolves with each harvest. Our partners are dedicated to the same cause as we are, uncompromising quality and sustainability of cultivation methods.

That's why we offer only one quality of flower: the best.

We select our flowers according to three criteria:

  • High quality flavours and terpene profiles.
  • Good relaxation, stress and tension reduction effects.
  • Each strain should be as natural as possible: no modifications to increase CBD levels, never isolate powder or terpene spray.

Buy your CBD flowers on the N°1 CBD Premium website in France

At Third Eye, we are in love with hemp, its benefits that we have experienced and we want to share them. The passion for the plant and its virtues pushes us in the quest for perfection in our products. All our CBD products are from European crops only, so you are assured of traceability and quality.

For your CBD purchases, we guarantee a fast and discreet delivery in France and Europe and CBD express delivery by bike in Paris.

What are CBD flowers?

Commonly called CBD flower, it is actually a hemp flower. It owes its name to its level of cannabidiol (CBD)which is one of the many cannabinoids. They meet the regulatory requirements for legal cannabis which require a maximum content of 0.3% THC or delta-tetrahydrocannabinol. They can thus be consumed without risk.

CBD flower varieties available at Third Eye

We offer a selection of exceptional CBD flowers with different flavors and tastes. We seek to satisfy the most demanding smokers who like the rich flavors of this plant. This selection varies according to the harvests.

Our varieties of the moment: Gorilla Glue, Wedding cake, Alien Haze, Orange Gelato, Cheese CBD,...

How to use the cbd flower

Our CBD flowers can be consumed in several ways:

  • In vaporization: at more than 170 degrees
  • In infusion: let infuse 10 / 15 min in water or in a fatty substance like vegetable milk.
  • In the kitchen: to integrate into your best CBD recipes

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