CBD to improve concentration

Our CBD oils to improve concentration

CBD is very effective in improving concentration and enhancing your productivity at work.

Our combination of specific terpenes and full-spectrum distillate creates totally new formulas. Indeed, they allow to release all the virtues present in the hemp plant. Moreover, these formulas are adapted to different needs.

To boost your concentration and be more productive in your daily routine, discover our line of CBD Focus/Active products.

CBD Focus Oils for Concentration
Vape Pen Active CBD Focus

Opt for the Vape Pen CBD Focus/Actif to improve your concentration!

This vape pen CBD formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as stimulants. In fact, users report an energy boosting effect as if they were alert and focused. So, an excellent choice for anyone who needs sustained memory and sharp mental focus.

The CBD vape pen allows you to vape at any time. Moreover, its small size makes it easy to carry and slip into your pocket or bag. Moreover, the effects are felt after only one puff! So for an instant relaxation and an optimal taste experience, the CBD vape will be your best ally!

Try our Organic Chai Tea with CBD to start your day!

Organic Chai tea with CBD is THE flavored tea par excellence. It must be said that it is one of the most renowned and absolutely lives up to its reputation.

In addition to the virtues of Sencha, this flavored mixture gives a very tonic and energizing drink. Thus, it is the ideal drink to start the day and enjoy the relaxation of CBD, while remaining productive.

Organic Chai Tea with CBD Third Eye

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant. A non-toxic substance, CBD works with different receptors in our body to produce a calming and relaxing effect. It is a cannabinoid derived from hemp that interacts with our endocannabinoid system to help our body maintain homeostasis (the ability of a system to maintain the balance of its internal environment)

CBD for sports or CBD for work, an effective combination?

Whether it's for sports or for work, some of the virtues of CBD can help improve your concentration, your reflexes and your productivity.

Indeed, in addition to relieving pain and promoting recovery after exercise, CBD can greatly support concentration during your sport practice. The day before, or during a competition, an exam or an important event, CBD relaxes and relieves anxiety, in order to be more attentive and applied.

3 reasons to take CBD at work

1/ Reduce stress and anxiety at work

We all have more or less difficult moments at work, which are often the cause of stress and anxiety. CBD can greatly relieve these moments of tension and help us get through them.

2/ Improve concentration and productivity

This stress is often the cause of a lack of attention and dispersion, which makes us much less efficient and productive. Our focus/active formula was created specifically to address these problems, increasing alertness of mind and memory. This formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as stimulants, and the effects of the combined cannabinoids act directly on stress.

3/ A discreet product for work

In herbal tea, candy, oil or Vape, CBD can be consumed in many forms. Unlike a box of drugs, it comes in the form of common and discreet consumables. This is ideal if you want to avoid showing all your colleagues that you suffer from stress, anxiety or concentration problems.

What discreet and effective CBD product can I use at work?

As mentioned above CBD can be consumed in many forms, here are some benefits of each:

CBD oil: small bottle convenient to carry, deep effects under 20/40 min, easy to dose.

Vape Pen: instant effects, no smoke, very good taste experience, small size easy to carry and use everywhere.

CBD infusion: easy to use, deep effects that last through digestion, good taste experience.

CBD Candies / Gummies: easy to carry, long lasting effects, delicious and easy to dose.

CBD capsules: easy to carry, discreet, no taste, easy to dose.

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